Tomorrow starts 31 days of Slice of Life blogging

Scrolling through today’s Twitter feed, I saw a post from about the 2017 Slice of Life challenge.  I was intrigued and followslice-of-life_individualed a couple of links to find out what this was all about.  Here’s the info:

This was something I needed.  A way to make myself put butt
in chair and fingers on keys each and every day for personal writing.  So tomorrow, I and my fellow “slicers” will begin a journey…one of reflection on our own daily lives and on the writings of each other.  Let’s see what we discover.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow starts 31 days of Slice of Life blogging

  1. Karen, let the journey begin! This writing community is simply amazing — encouraging and supportive of writing every day for the month of March. I am so happy that you are joining in! I don’t think it was by accident that you found that link that led you here … 😉
    Happy writing!


  2. Challenges are never easy. Get that butt in chair and begin…it’s the only way it will happen. AND, if you miss a day, pick it up the next. (At least that’s what I tell myself!)


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